Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Left Brain vs Right Brain Essay -- Human Intellect

The Left Brain vs The Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning Do you ever hear some people say that, ‘I learn this way, because I’m left or right brain dominant,’ but what is your learning style? Some people go majority of their life, not knowing which learning style works for them. It is good to know what this learning style is so people can respond most effectively to the material being presented. Templeton (2003). The better people know their own learning style, the faster they can develop, and process information. The hemisphere of the brain; which are call the left and right brain; plays a major part in influencing people learning style. The left and right brain are only connected by nerves fibers; which are called the corpus callosum; helps share information between the two brains. Knowing which side of the brain is dominant will better help them understand what learning style is theirs. Back in (1981) Noble Prize Winner Roger Sperry was one of the first scientists to do an experiment on the two brains, which was call, the â€Å"split-brain† experiment. His conclusion was that there appear to be two modes of thinking, verbal and nonverbal, represented rather separately in left and right hemispheres respectively and that our education system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere. Eden (2011). Scientist will say that the left brain is more of an Auditory Learner, and the right brain is more of a Visual Learner. Some people would say that whatever gender they are weights on how people learn, and what side of their brain to use in school; which impact they’re learning. In the prior statements, it rea... ...on, M. (2007). Negotiating for dummies, 2nd edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing INC. Eden, Dan. (2011). Left brain: right brain. Retrieved from, Gibson, Karen. (2002). Right or left brain: which is dominant in your family. Learning Styles and Hemispheric Dominance (Part 2). Retrieved from, Morris, R. (2006). An Examination into the theory of brain, lateralization, learning styles, and the implications for education. Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain? Retrieved from, Philips, H. (2006). Introduction: human brain. New Scientist. Retrieved from, Templeton, M. (2003). Learning styles. Retrieved from,

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