Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Essay About Family: Made in U.S.A. :: Personal Narrative essay about my family

Made in U.S.A. My military childhood has somewhat distorted my view of home; my father was in the United States Marine Corps for 30 years. Traditionally, this length of time requires some moving about the country–as was the case with my family. Perhaps some may consider the place that they have lived all or most of their life, as home, or where their parents or grandparents reside. I have yet to define my home. I realize that home is where your heart is, so for me home is wherever a portion of my family dwells simultaneously. To an extent, I accept Starke, Florida because that is where my parents and sister live. However, it just doesn’t seem correct to include Starke without including Daytona or Atlanta without Milwaukee or Albany without San Diego. Now don’t get me wrong; I would not trade the Marine brat lifestyle for anything in the world because I can’t be in any location for too long and I love meeting new people. Since I have been at The Florida State University, I have come across a lot of the people that I went to school with in the past. Most of these students have come from Atlanta and Daytona. If you were to talk to either of these individuals, they will tell you that I am from whatever city we met in. For example, my friend Letitia went to middle school with me in Daytona. I saw her boyfriend at a party one night and he was like â€Å"Hey! You are Tia’s friend Tasha from Daytona right?† Of course, I had to agree with him, although, he was not entirely incorrect. So, what would be your answer to this question if you were in my situation: Where are you from? Well, I have had several suggestions in this regard, too. At the beginning of each semester, organizations tend to weasel their way back to those lame icebreakers, some of which require you to state your hometown along with your year, major, etc.

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