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The Matrix Essay -- Argumentative Movie Film Matrix Essays

The Matrix The Matrix is a science fiction movie about artificial intelligence computers replacing mankind. I believe that this movie is a common type of display from the media is common paranoia so that they can get a reaction from people and sell their story. In the case of The Matrix, the movie dazzles people with awesome special effects using modern computer technology, which I find ironic. I find it self-conflicting and hypocritical for the media to use modern computer technology for their own good to show people how bad technology is. Amy Bruckman and Howard Rheingold would probably find this movie interesting in that it disagrees and agrees with certain aspects about their beliefs about the use of computers. The Matrix specifically shows how advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (A.I.) may one day get out of the control of the people and become a dangerous enemy to mankind. It turns out that in the movie people believe that they are living normal lives in the 90's as common businessmen and families as we do today, when in reality the time is later in the 21st century and people are hooked up to machines in pods where they are merely interpreting electrical signals which tells them that the they are alive in the 90's. They call this set up The Matrix. The artificial intelligence machines put these people in these pods for their whole lives where they never use a muscle in their body; they only think that they are moving and living normal lives.The reason why the artificial intelligence machines put people into pods is because the sky is scorched and there is no source of electricity, so the A.I. units found an alternate source of energy: humans. The star of the Movie, Neo, is enlightened by one of ... ...ul people can benefit people. Personally, I don't believe that true artificial intelligence can ever be reached. I believe that a computer can be so advanced that it may appear to be thinking on it's own, but only because a man programmed it to think in such away. I don't think that a computer can teach itself common sense and the true ability to reason between right and wrong like humans can. And since I believe this, I see no problem in expanding technology and making online communities as Rheingold and Bruckman would. Works Cited The Matrix. Larry Wachowski, DVD, Warner Brothers, 1999 Bruskman, Amy. "Finding One's Own in Cyberspace" Composing Cyberspace Edited by Rich Holeton, San Fransisco: McGraw Hill, 1998, 171-180 Rheingold, Howard. "The Heart of the Well" " Composing Cyberspace Edited by Rich Holeton, San Fransisco: McGraw Hill, 1998, 151-163

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Factors Leading to Social Illness Among Teenagers Essay

Teenagers nowadays are very different with teenagers before then. Today,teenagers are getting wilder and tend to have more fun than they should.Rotten teenagers smoked, drink alcohols before they reach maturity, goclubbing and partying, have sex before marriage, involved in drugs, and a lotmore unhealthy activities that are not only useless and wasting their time butare also affecting their health. When asked, why do teenagers love this kind of lifestyle, their answerwould be easy, â€Å"Because this is the way teenagers of this era lived†. How sad itis to think about the social ills among teenagers these days. They preferred to be‘in the crowd’ rather than focussing on how to excel brilliantly in theirexaminations.One of the factors of why social ills are getting worse among teenagersthese days is less attention by their parents. This is a major issue. Today’sparents are very busy focussing on their careers until sometimes they seem toforget their responsibilities as parents. Children who feel lonely due to the lack of time spent with their parents will find new ways to live up their life. They start tosmoke, take drugs and socialising. Once they reach adolescence, children startto abuse the freedom that their parents give to them and become a ‘wild child’. Problems happening inside the home could also lead to social ills amongteenagers. Teenagers are easily stressed and depressed with the situation athome. They could be emotionally affected by divorcing of parents, death of family members, pressure by family to maintain good results, and many moreproblems. Because of too much tension, teenagers have the tendency to involvethemselves in the social ills, in order to release their stress and depression.Another factor that also causes the social ills to get worse is the influencesby friends. A teenager may have chosen wrong friends for him. Friends with badreputation and attitude problems will surely influence their friends to join themand have the blast of dating, clubbing, partying, drinking alcohols and manymore social activities that could ruin the innocence of a child. It is very easy toinfluence teenagers on trying new things as at this stage of life, they are still notvery sure of life and have the feeling of wanting to experience every single newthing in life if possible. Therefore, it is very easy to ‘pull’ teenagers into the worldof social ills. This issue must be looked into seriously as young generation of today arethe leaders of tomorrow. How could they lead the country in the future if theycontinue to mingle in social ills which will eventually destroy themselvesphysically and mentally? Serious actions should be taken immediately byparents, teachers, schools, societies and authorities to stop this issue fromgetting worse. Teenagers should be taught the real meaning of life. They need tochange for the sake of better and brighter future of the world.

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Effect of Trauma on a Child in A Boys Life by Tobias...

When a child experiences trauma, it stays with them for the rest of their life. When a child experiences abuse, one of the highest forms of trauma, they can do little to stop it from affecting everything they do. Tobias Wolff’s memoir, This Boy’s Life, Illustrates this. While it can be said that Rosemary, the mother of Jack, was in many ways responsible for his life, she herself can not solely be blamed. The trauma and abuse she experienced as a child contributed greatly to her choices, and her son’s life. This shows that adversity in Rosemary’s life lead to her not being able to act normally, and this caused the life of her son. Jack lead a life that would not make most envy him. He suffered from many traumatic events, most of these can†¦show more content†¦This constant presence of a man who abused him and his mother can only add to the grief which the repeated trauma experienced by Jack caused. The relief Jack must have felt when he watched Roy pack his trunk and leave was only to be short lives as his moved onto another abusive man. His mother’s next man is the one seen for most of the book. His name is Dwight. They meet in Seattle were Jack and his mother move to. Dwight seems at first to be a decent enough guy. He invited Rosemary and Jack to visit his family for Thanksgiving and shows her around the town. Dwight convinces Rosemary to let Jack go and live with him and if all goes well she will join him later. On the car ride there Jack gets a taste of what is to come. Dwight drives drunk, swerves to scare Jack, and tells him how he is in for a drastic change. While living with Dwight he is treated very poorly. Dwight is abusive and alcoholic. He forces Jack to do useless task and does into take care of him well. When Jack visits his mother, Dwight makes sure they are never alone together so Jack can’t tell her how life really is. When she moves in and realises how life is there, she does little to change it. The three men his mother chooses impact Jack’s life greatly, mostly in a negative way. All three are abusive, and treat him badly. They all also clearly have some sort of psychological problem. However, the most common theme shared by all, ih how similar they are to Rosemary’s father. Everyman she goes after

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Essay about Nokia Research - 1242 Words

ASSIGNMENT -1 Name – Sunita Uikey Roll No - 155 MIM Subject - Research Methodology Exercise 1: Make up 3 different situations in which motivation to work would be an independent variable, moderating variable and dependent variable. Solution - Dependent Variable - A manager observes that motivation to work among the Employees is increased if he increases their working environment, Salary and perks. Independent variable- Performance of employees increased if they are motivated. Moderating Variable- For employees having second source of income/salary, the motivation may or may be a driving factor Intervening Variable- Employees perform better if they are provided with good working conditions, better pay i.e.†¦show more content†¦The article that he read on job performance frequently mentioned four variables as important to job performance; skills required for the job, rewards, motivation and satisfaction. In several of the articles it was also indicated that only if the reward were valiant (attractive) to the recipients did motivation, satisfaction, and job performance increase not otherwise. Given the above situation, do the following: 1) Define the problem. 2) Evolve a theoretical framework. 3) Develop at least 6 hypotheses. Solution : Problem statement: How can the job performance (output) of the employees be increased through enriched jobs and rewards? Dependent Variable (DV): Job performance of employees Independent Variable (IV): Skills required for the job, rewards. Moderating Variable (MV): Attractiveness of the rewards Intervening Variable (IVV): motivation and satisfaction Fig:- Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV) Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV) Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV) Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV) Skills, Rewards (IV) Skills, Rewards (IV) Attractive Rewards (MV) Attractive Rewards (MV) Hypothesis: 1) Employee job performance will increase or decrease if they are given attractive rewards. [Relational hypothesis](IV effecting DV positively or negatively). 2) Job skills and Rewards will improve the job performance and output of the employee. [Causal hypothesis]. (change in IVShow MoreRelatedMarketing Research on Nokia12922 Words   |  52 PagesStudy 2. Introduction 2.1 Nokia 2.1.1Nokia Vision/Mission Statement 2.1.2 About the Company 2.1.3History of Nokia 2.1.4Company Profile 2.1.5SWOT Analysis 2.2Introduction to Marketing 2.3Market Segmentation 2.3.1Considerations for Market Segmentation 2.3.2Segmentation Basis 2.3.3Effective Segmentation 2.4Market Segmentation for Nokia 2.4.1Segmentation of Nokia 2.4.2Nokia mobile phones by Series 2.4.3Lifestyle and Psychographic Basis for Nokia 2.4.4The Segmentation of Nokia conducted on the basis ofRead MoreThe Decision Of Microsoft Discontinuing The Nokia Brand1464 Words   |  6 Pagestelecommunication value chain and Nokia, who required an ally of strong financial capability. Six month later, Microsoft decided to move away from the Nokia brand - switching the name of smartphones from â€Å"Nokia Lumia† to â€Å"Microsoft Lumia† while still using ‘Nokia’ for low-end basic phone (T, 2014). This report will investigate the decision of Microsoft discontinuing the Nokia brand through analyzing Nokia’s management issues, brand equity, brand resonance mainly. Literature review Nokia was extremely popularRead MoreRecommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800 of Nokia Mobile Company’1429 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Studies Assessment Event 3 Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800 of NOKIA Mobile Company’ Student: Zhou Siyan ‘Effie’ ID number: ZMSC22222 Tutorï ¼Å¡ Maqui Due Dateï ¼Å¡ November 19, 2012 Date submitted: November 19, 2012 Word Count: 1249 words Table of Contents Executive Summary 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Research Methodology 3.0 Research Findings 4.0 Discussion 5.0 Conclusion and recommendations Reference List ExecutiveRead MoreNoki A Finnish Multinational Communication And Information Technology Company Essay1489 Words   |  6 Pages INTRODUCTION Nokia is a finnish multinational communication and information technology company, founded in 1865. Nokia is headquartered in Espoo, Usimaa in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2014, Nokia employed 61,656 people across 120 countries, did business in more than 150 countriesand reported annual revenues of around â‚ ¬12.73billion. The company has had various industries in its 151-year history. Originally founded as a pulp mill ,and current focuses on large-scaleRead MoreA Short Note On The Social Media Marketing Essay1186 Words   |  5 Pagesan amazing opportunity to connect directly with the customers. Nokia is a Finland- based company. They come into the field of telecommunication industry 1960. Since then, Nokia has grabbed their exclusive place as a market leader. Their incessant effort to grab their place in innovation and technology has helped them to attract customers like a magnet. Nokia motto is to connect people and exploring ways to enhance communication. Nokia s Social Media Communications team was established in early 2008Read MoreMarketing Strategy for Nokia India1732 Words   |  7 PagesNokia PRODUCT:- The product is the centre of the marketing mix and the other three P s are based around it. Consumers purchase goods and services for a variety of individual reasons and a company must be aware of all of these when selling a product (that is why they conduct market research). Nokia does exactly the same and comes up with innovative phones almost every six months. The new phones that Nokia launches have some new feature or price difference, thus appealing to the consumer. SometimesRead MoreTBS 920 International Business Strategy :Nokia India Country Strategy1498 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Strategy of Nokia in India SWOT PESTEL analysis Recommendations References 2 Company profile †¢ Formed in 1865 by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam in a village named Nokia in Southwestern Finland †¢ First business was in wood pulp mill †¢ In 1920, Finnish Rubber Works was acquired by Nokia †¢ 1922, Finnish cable works merged in Nokia and Nokia was know as footwear (galoshes) and tyres, went on to manufacture rubber bands, industrial parts and raincoats. †¢ Nokia Ab, Finnish CableRead MoreWada1669 Words   |  7 Pagesrequires some definition of leadership that may create actions within an organization. These actions could likely effect the organizations meaning, cultural positioning, or even the existence of the business itself. (Sheffield, 2011) Samsung and Nokia faced several pressures, internal and external due to a continuous growth of the technology market. Those will be analyzed in this paper. DRIVERS OF CHANGE: 1. External Factor: It includes competition, external market situation, global economyRead MoreEssay on Samsung 5forces1418 Words   |  6 Pagesmobile phone. Abstract This essay analyses the Samsung Mobile company by applying Porters Five forces. Also each factor will be compared with Apple and Nokia which are competitive companies in the mobile industry and the strength of Samsungs strategic position will be demonstrated. Introduction Samsung Electronics, Apple and Nokia are the competitive mobile companies. To compare each companys strategic position Samsung was chosen. Although many components are needed to make mobile phones;Read MoreInternational Business- How Nokia Seeks Global Business Advantage Through Spulber’s, (2007) ‘Star Analysis’ and Any Other Relevant Theory.1574 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Business- How Nokia seeks Global business advantage through Spulber’s, (2007) ‘Star Analysis’ and any other relevant theory. Mobile phone giant Nokia, a multinational corporation based in Espoo, Finland and is currently the world’s largest manufacturer boasting a market share of 31% worldwide (, 2011). Despite Nokia being regarded amongst the most successful and economically dependent brand within Finland, it was the corporation’s Global strategy that would lead

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What Is Sex Trafficking Essay - 2380 Words

What is Sex Trafficking? Sex trafficking has many definitions when looked up and there has yet to be a definite internationally used definition, but the overall main meaning found throughout all is the act of forcing a person through violence, manipulation, drugs, threats, etc. to perform sexual acts of all types against their wills; and as said by George in Sex Trafficking and Sex Work: Definitions, Debates and Dynamics — A Review of Literature it is when â€Å"primarily women and children are coerced or deceived for the purpose of commercial sex exploitation.† Sex trafficking is clearly a violation of a person’s human rights and is a type of modern slavery that unfortunately countless of people have to become victims of. People from all over the world are potential victims of sex trafficking and therefore it is very hard to accurately develop a number of exactly how many sex trafficking victims there are. However, as read in The Case of the Missing Case: Examin ing the Civil Rights of Action for Human Trafficking Victims by Nam â€Å"the U.S State Department estimates that 800,00 human beings are trafficked across international borders each year. An estimated 80% of these transnational trafficking victims are female, and an estimated 70% of those females are trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation.† The sex trafficking victims found in all these places have one way or another fallen into the hands of sex traffickers. Some of the common ways these people, unfortunately, fallShow MoreRelatedSex Trafficking: What The Law Should Be1771 Words   |  8 Pages The act of sex trafficking has been around for many years and has always been a problem. This industry has harmed millions of people lives each year and yet there is still little action being done to stop it. Trafficking is defined as the act of forcing a person to do something, and in this case it is forcing people to sell their bodies for sex (Morrison 9). The industry o f sex trafficking was originally started in 1994 and makes a preposterous amount of money, which ranges from five to sevenRead MoreSex Trafficking : A Common Issue For A Long Time1394 Words   |  6 Pages Sex trafficking can happen everywhere. People do not even realize when it is happening. Someone could be living their life, just as they normally do, and decided to go to the mall. Sometimes they may not even know that a little kid is going to be kidnapped, and later raped. This is what sex trafficking is. Sex trafficking is commonly defined as when violence, drugs, lies, or any other form of coercion is used to force another person to have sex against their will. (Sex Trafficking in the U.S, 1)Read MoreEssay on The New Slave: Sex Trafficking in America910 Words   |  4 PagesThe New Slaves: Sex Trafficking in America When most Americans hear the term ‘sex trafficking’ thoughts of helpless women and children in poor, developing, countries come to mind. However, most Americans would be downright shocked and dismayed to learn that many victims of sex trafficking reside right here in the United States. Moreover, many of the victims of sex trafficking in America were victimized by other Americans. This is a pressing national issue to which neither small, rural towns or largeRead MoreSex Trafficking Is The Trade Of Humans Essay1267 Words   |  6 PagesSex Trafficking     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Sex trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. This may encompass providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage, or the extraction of organs or tissues, including for surrogacy and ova removal.Sex trafficking is a very dangerous thing to be going on in this world.   Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally. The Metro-AtlantaRead MoreThe Problem Of Child Sex Trafficking1199 Words   |  5 PagesChild Sex Trafficking Have you ever walked into Wal-Mart and taken the time to look at the numerous pictures of missing youth that is plastered on the wall? When looking at how long they have been missing, it ranges anywhere from months to years. Looking at their age, both boys and girls, it is hard not to wonder if these kids are being trafficked. Child sex trafficking, also known as human trafficking, is a major issue that is not only plaguing the United States, but the world. ResidingRead MoreSex And Sex Trafficking1310 Words   |  6 PagesThe Effects Poverty has on Sex Trafficking Suffering from poverty makes life unbearable at times and is hard to escape from. Most individuals that live in poverty are vulnerable and have little hope to improve their lives. Being vulnerable and having no hope for life can often leads to desperation. Sex trafficking and become a means of survival for these individuals. Low income is a major cause for sex trafficking. Sex trafficking can become a reason for a single mother to feed her children or canRead MorePersuasive Essay On Sex Trafficking1094 Words   |  5 PagesSex trafficking is becoming more and more of a problem as time moves on. Sex trafficking is the recruitment, harbouring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion [Internet Safety 101]. Sex trafficking is increasing due to the evolution of modern day social services and sources. From safety sources, it is the 2nd fastest growing criminal indus try [Internet Safety 101]. More andRead MoreSex Trafficking And The United States1672 Words   |  7 Pageshuman sex trafficking, they think of heinous acts that take place in other countries where adults, children, girls and boys are exploited to perform sexual acts in exchange for money or goods against their will. They think it typically occurs in places that are less developed than the United States. However, the reality of this horrific crime is that it is taking place in the United States, and it occurs more and more each and every day. Young girls are not solely the victim of human sex traffickingRead MoreChild Sex Trafficking And Human Trafficking1096 Words   |  5 PagesChild Sex Trafficking Have you ever walked into Wal-Mart and taken the time to look at the numerous pictures of missing youth that is plastered on the wall? When looking at how long they have been missing, it ranges anywhere from months to years. Looking at their age, both boys and girls, it’s hard not to wonder if they have been kidnapped and are being trafficked. Child sex trafficking also known as human trafficking is a major issue that is not only plaguing the United States, but alsoRead MoreSex Trafficking : A Modern Day1360 Words   |  6 Pages In current day and age, sex trafficking is referred to as â€Å"modern-day† slavery, where sex is sold through the use of forcible behavior, and the victim is coerced by those running the deals. According to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, the term sex trafficking is defined as, â€Å"the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purposes of a commercial sex act, in which the commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion

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Who is to blame for their deaths Essay Example For Students

Who is to blame for their deaths? Essay William Shakespeare is one of the most famous authors of all time. His intelligence, imagination, creativity, and many other skills are applauded by readers until this day. Shakespeares plays are traditionally organized into three groups: Comedies, Histories and Tragedies. Shakespearean tragedy usually depicts a central character in the play that falls from grace and dies, along with a fair proportion of the rest of the cast. In other words, it is a drama with a necessarily unhappy ending. Shakespeare wrote tragedies from the beginning of his career: one of his earliest plays was the Roman tragedy Titus Andronicus, and he followed it a few years later with Romeo and Juliet. This is possibly one of his most recognized plays in modern times. Shakespeare shows his dramatic skill freely in Romeo and Juliet, providing intense moments of shift between comedy and tragedy, and weaving plots and subplots to paint a clearer picture of the story. It is mainly a romantic tragedy, based on the lives of two teenagers; madly in love with one another. It is cased on the rivalry between their families, the Montagues and the Capulets, and how that led to quite complicated circumstances for both of them. Unknowingly, other characters such as the church Friar and Juliets Nurse contributed to the tragedy in one way or another, and finally resulted in their deaths. The two families are left distorted and dismayed in the end, with no choice but to accept the facts and make peace, although at a hefty price; the lives of their two young children. The epic tragedy in the play may have been avoided, if it werent for the hasty decisions and recklessness of some of the characters. Blame; this word means to hold responsible. Quite a few of the characters share the blame for the deaths but which of them were prime suspects? Was it Friar Lawrence, whose careless thinking caused the situation to worsen? Or was it the Nurse who didnt play quite an important role in the play but encouraged Juliet in her romantic ideas? Or was it Romeo, whose impetuosity cost him, as well as others, a hefty price? Last but not the least; was it just simple fate that led to the unfortunate scene? These accusations will be closely examined in this essay. It will then help you to find out what role they played in the deaths and could they have been avoided? Some characters have very little to do with the plot but they have the plot revolving around them. Friar Lawrence is one such character. As a member of the Order of St. Francis, a group of wise and generous priests, Romeo and Juliet trusted Friar Laurence completely, turning to him for advice, and solutions. Romeo approaches the friar in Act 2 scene 3, to get some guidance about Juliet. Romeo greets the Friar Good morrow, father, and Friar Lawrence responds by calling Romeo young son. It is not just the exchange between the priest and the penitent. The Friar also stands in for Romeos own father since there are no scenes between Romeo and his parents. Father and son relationships at this time may not have been strong and also, religion was quite important in the upbringing of the children at this period. The Friar is the only person to whom Romeo turns for advice, and he is the last person to whom Juliet turns after all others have forsaken her. In this sense, he is father to them bot h and responsible for their actions. He is suspicious of Romeos sudden change of heart. He knows that Romeo has been craving for Rosaline and he tells Romeo that Rosaline did not return his love because she could tell that it did read by rote, that could not spell. By this, he meant that he was never really in love with Rosaline and that he was just repeating empty words he didnt really understand. This made him even more doubtful about Romeos newly found love, and he was right to do so, considering Romeos thoughtless personality. Nevertheless, he decides to marry Romeo and Juliet, hoping to end the feud between the two families. Through his words, Friar Lawrence demonstrates the he is a good intentioned, yet sometimes short-sighted, man who is not afraid to take risks to help others; But come, young waverer, come, go with me, In one respect Ill thy assistant be; For this alliance may so happy prove To turn your households rancor to pure love. Although it was unintentional, Friar Lawrences decision was the spark that made these unfortunate events to slowly unfold. At the same time, the Friar recognizes that the use of the tradition of matrimony in such an evasive manner may very well have terrible consequences. He worries that this will definitely result in a sad ending; So smile the heavens upon this holy act, That after hours with sorrow chide us not! Shortly after that, in the next act, Tybalt is slayed by the angry Romeo. Thereafter, he rushes to the Friars cell hoping to find a way out if this horrible situation. O deadly sin! O rude unthankfulness! Thy fault our law calls death; but the kind Prince, And turnd that black word death to banishment (Friar Lawrence) Friar Lawrence is astounded by Romeos actions and tells him that he is lucky to have not been sentenced to death. Instead of telling him to flee from Verona, as he has already been banished, the Friar advices him to go spend his honeymoon night with Juliet, before he can leave for Mantua. Although, he knows that the marriage will be ended unless the couple consummates their vows with each other, this act of his proves to be most dangerous for Romeo as well as Juliet. Going to the Capulet home was risky before Tybalts death, after his banishment, being discovered at the Capulet home is a certain death sentence for Romeo. Committing suicide EssayIf all else fail, myself have power to die. The nurse proved to be the reason why Juliet considered death as a resort and if by any chance, this whole episode might not have happened, Juliet would still be alive and the story would have continued. The next time she saw Juliet was on her death bed, and even now, she was comical about the whole situation. This was really surprising as this shows that she does not care as much for Juliet as was first thought. Sleep for a week; for the next night, I warrant, The County Paris hath set up his rest That you shall rest but little Ay, let the County take you in your bed For the audience, she is both entertaining and irritating. For Juliet, she is mother and friend, companion and betrayer. She was in total control of Juliets actions, until she upset her. This was also one of the reasons that led to Juliets death. She molded Juliets faith, just as the Friar did so to Romeo. Finally, Romeo and his impetuous behavior, openly made himself look more foolish and his rash decisions settled the tale. First of all, Romeo is preceded by his reputation as a lover. He is shown as lovesick, at the start of the play, and that to for a girl (Rosaline), who apparently doesnt even know him. Once Romeo sees Juliet at the ball, the true love he feels for her completely overwhelms his obsession for Rosaline. After he boldly kisses Juliet, Romeo is ready to pursue her full throttle. Can I go forward when my heart is here? Turn back, dull earth, and find thy center out Here Romeo refers to himself as dull earth, a being that is lifeless and requires its center, Juliet to feel alive. He scales the orchard wall to see her again. This act demonstrates his bravery. The threats of danger and death do not frighten him from his pursuit. This theme goes on for the rest of the play and his bravery, leads him too far into enemy lines, and in the end, proves to be his misfortune. Though motivated by love, Romeo is also the only man who kills two people in the play, first Tybalt and in the end, Paris. This shows that he can go to any extent when he is in rage. Thats how he kills Tybalt. Had he not been so reckless to do so, he would not have been banished in the first place and this might have affected what had happened in the end, as his banishment was actually the bottom-line that made Juliet drink the potion, as a result of which caused misunderstandings and made Romeo kill himself. However, the death that Romeo causes at the end of the play is under quite different circumstances. It is not as rash as Tybalts, but his state of mind is quite similar as it was previously. He kills Paris not for revenge, but because Paris is barring him from entering the Capulet tomb. He begs Paris to retreat and warns him of the danger. In essence he says, I have no quarrel with you. Dont get in my way, because Im here to kill myself. He does not wish to murder an innocent man and he tries to reason with Paris. In the short span of the play a mere four days Romeo experiences a lifetime of emotions. He starts out in love with one girl (Rosaline), decides he likes another one better (Juliet), marries her but doesnt let anyone know about it, gets his best friend killed (Mercutio), kills his wifes cousin (Tybalt), runs off, returns, kills his wifes suitor (Paris), thinks his wife is dead, doesnt check, and commits suicide. Eventually, the reason for which the final 3 deaths had occurred was Romeo not receiving the letter and in turn, his careless decision to commit suicide for his beloved wife. If he had thought about the situation for even a few moments and used some degree of common sense, the killings could have been prevented and Romeo and Juliet could have lived happily ever after. Romeos indecisiveness leads him to disastrous consequences, and because both he and Juliet were quite young at the time, their matu rity and influential state of minds had let them down. Even though these characters could be held responsible for the deaths, Fate also played a key role in the deaths. Condemning the lovers right from the very beginning, fate plays a role all the way through. The prologue describes Romeo and Juliet as A pair of star-crossd lovers, as though there fates had already been mapped out by the stars. Just these few words state the extent that fate will play. Or Mercutios curse can be blamed. A plague O both your houses Following this is Friar Johns unbelievable misfortune as he finds himself trapped in a house of plague on his way to Mantua. The letter is never received which allows Balthasar to unknowingly ruin the plan, by telling Romeo of Juliets death. This is an excellent example of dramatic irony that occurs towards the end of the play. Each of these aspects of fate play an important role leading to the storys conclusion, but without the actions of other characters their contribution would be meaningless. In my opinion, Friar Lawrences spontaneity led to the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. His perfect plan to possibly end the feud between the families finally put him in such a mess that he was the sole contender that could be rightly blamed for their deaths. Had he not married Romeo and Juliet without informing the families, had he not been so irresponsible to make sure Romeo got the letter and if he didnt leave Juliet alone in her tomb to have no choice but to die, there wouldnt have been such a tragic end to the epic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

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Recovering the Satellites free essay sample

With Recovering the Satellites, the Counting Crows create a truly outstanding album that will forever be recognized as a novelty. From beginning to end, the Crows manage to fascinate and attract undivided attention to their perfect blend of excellent musicianship and admirable songwriting. It is obvious in every song that Adam Duritz has mastered the art of songwriting and knows how to appeal to, and even soothe, his listeners with sweet, immaculate sounds. Beginning with a heated Catapult and concluding nicely with the melancholy Walkaways, the Crows have composed an unprecedented mix of Americano, funk, hard-rock and even country. Few bands have fared so well in creating new sounds, and practically none has created one so beautiful, or timeless, as Recovering the Satellites. Daylight Fading exemplifies the optimal mixture of Americano rock and country themes as Duritz describes the wonder of the constantly changing seasons. Daylight Fading surprises the listener by making a flawless transition into the awesome Im Not Sleeping that is but another indicator of the Crows ability to create novel mixes of styles while maintaining their own distinct sound and quality. We will write a custom essay sample on Recovering the Satellites or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The song begins softly with strings and a commanding electric guitar that all lead gracefully into utter jamming, and then back again to create yet another fusion of tension and intensity. This is one of those rare songs that will strike the listeners interest even before they hear the first word because of its true musicianship. But fortunately, the first word, the last word, and all the words in between are filled with beauty as they are cried out passionately and sincerely. The album eventually culminates after a profusion of notable songs, with the hit single A Long December. There is perhaps no better way to end an album marked by thorough beauty than with a simple, sing-along ballad like A Long December. Recovering the Satellites was released in 1996 and remains one of my favorite albums. It has stood the test of time and proven to be a real masterpiece.