Thursday, September 26, 2019

Does data and analysis present a good argument Debating the research Assignment

Does data and analysis present a good argument Debating the research method of an article - Assignment Example The large size of sample is associated with biasness during presentation due to the work load involve, a confirmation that differences are as a result of size bias not mode selected. Sampling mistake arises in the sampling procedure itself as not all parties of the outline population are assessed (Easterby-Smith et al 2003). Normative model is used during web surveys as opposed to paper and pencil procedures. What I could have suggested for the authors of the article is to reduce the sample size. By using accommodating sample size it is easy to manage the sample bias. Normative model presents an opportunity for participants not to pay much attention as compared to face to face or telephone surveys (Easterby-Smith et al 2003). I would suggest combining normative model with instrumental model to improve sample bias and check ramifications of low response rate (Vieira et al 2002). The research relied mostly on qualitative research rather than employ mixed research method. Vieira, W., De La Tour, K., & De La Tour, S. (2002). Projectiology: a panorama of experiences of the consciousness outside the human body. Brazil, International Institute of Projectiology and

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