Sunday, September 8, 2019

Blue Rhinos Business Strategy and Information Systems Essay

Blue Rhinos Business Strategy and Information Systems - Essay Example In fast-growing complex businesses, the uncertainties in employee productivity levels, customer satisfaction levels, operating costs, duplication of work, operations performance, actual revenues, ability to grow, forecasting & hypothecations, etc. increases beyond the comfort levels of the Management and Stake Holders. In light of these uncertainties, an organization may need to implement an effective, integrated & controlled Business Information System (BIS). However, such a system is not just a product which can be purchased, plugged and played. Management commitment and end-user buy-in are critical to implementing the BIS (The ERP Selection process survival guide, Relevant Business Systems Inc, 2005, p.3). In this case-study, Blue Rhino Management did take the wise decision to implement BIS and provide interfacing to employees, suppliers, and customers via an Intranet. The implementation actually became faster and more collaborative & effective because of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation that was implied on the organization. Blue Rhino is a national leader in their business that deals with Propane Cylinder Exchange Services. Their growth soared in a very short time due to aggressive spirit of the organization, macro management by the CEO (empowerment of staff) and a major strategic change in their business – exchanging cylinders rather than refilling cylinders. Employee empowerment works well for this kind of retail business analogous to the Wal-Mart business model (Malone, Thomas W. 1997, Sloan Management Review, Winter97, Vol.38, Issue 2, p.125-125, 1/2p).  

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