Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why Scientific Management Has No Relevance Today Essay - 11

Why Scientific Management Has No Relevance Today - Essay Example The paper tells that scientific management is irrelevant in the current society because unlike in the past, workers are more intelligent today. This is because they know their values in the workplaces. Consequently, they consider any processes that seem to challenge their worth as self-deprecating. When scientific management was still relevant, employees were offered the fiscal rewards only. This is because workers valued economic rewards during that time. However, most organizations increase their productivity by controlling all factors in the  workplaces  as well as maintaining the social health and development of the workers in today’s organizations. Furthermore, this management approach is not applicable today because its principles are authoritarian. This is because they assumed that only managers were accountable for decision-making because organizations did not trust the employees’ competence in decision-making in the past. According to Taylor, the increase i n the organizations’ productivity relied on the divisions between the workers and experts or managers. Additionally, he also believed that managers should always direct the workers. This method negatively influences the workers’ motivation and satisfaction in the  workplaces. The modern organizations increase their productivity by involving all the organization’s participants including the employees in the decision-making process. This motivates the workers because it makes them feel worthy of the organization. Additionally, it makes them feel respected by the organizations. Such respected workers usually work to their highest potential because they become loyal to the organization. Moreover, the piece rate payment systems used in the scientific management is not effective today because organizations center on superiority rather than the capacity to increase the customers’ satisfaction and the organizations’ competency.

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