Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Psychic Tradition :: Psychic Essays

The Psychic Tradition Methodology The first thing that I did to conduct my research was to brainstorm the various places where I could find both fact and opinion concerning the role that the psychic realm plays within society. The most obvious choice was to visit a practicing psychic. I know of a psychic that works in my hometown of Nashville, Indiana. I tried on several occasions to contact her by phone and request permission for an interview, however, failed to do so. (First bit of knowledge acquired: psychics do not always follow office hours). I decided to try and meet with her in person and during meantime wrote a few pages of questions to ask during the interview in case conversation came to a lull (or in case I started to choke up). Next, I thought it might be interesting to see what a . free. phone psychic experience would be like. I called up Ms. Cleo, amongst the numerous others offered in the telephone book and on the T.V. I then went to the library and checked out five books. Two of the books went over the history of psychic abilities and the various methods and definitions. One of the books discussed Nostradamus. I felt it was necessary to review his prophecies considering he has had such profound effects on societies throughout time. The last two books consist of an autobiography and a biography, both of which are somewhat recent accounts of psychics living in a time we are all familiar with. Next, I decided to conduct a video survey, including mostly collage-age students, of opinions surrounding some of the key subjects that I had been researching. Additionally, I included a few demonstrations of supposed psychic phenomenon for those who do not posses the power of purely mental insight on the video. By December 2nd I was becoming very weary of trying to get a hold of Nashville. s local psychic, so I called a friend of mine up who has a history of dealing with the metaphysical and recently got hired as a psychic advisor by Ms. Cleo. She participated in an audio-reco rded interview that lasted around twenty minutes. Description The Gilgamesh Epic contains the first recorded prophets from 2000 B.C. Today, we see Ms. Cleo on the T.V.

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