Friday, October 18, 2019

Asian Polictical and Legal System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Asian Polictical and Legal System - Essay Example Pakistan being adjacent to Afghanistan, the hotbed of Islamic radicalism, is more then exposed to the extremist forces as compared to Bangladesh. Besides, unlike Bangladesh, Pakistan lies on the route to the oil and natural gas rich regions of Central Asia. A number of affluent and influential nations have a stake in the mineral wealth of Central Asia (Rashid, 2001). Some of these stakes specifically intend to use Islamic fundamentalism as a tool to gain grounds in Pakistan to secure their hold on Afghanistan and Central Asia. Bangladesh, on the contrary is not that lucrative in an economic sense, thus Islamic radicals do not intend to pump much finances in this young nation to propagate their ideology. In addition, considering the military inferiority of Pakistan as compared to India, a section of the Pakistan's political elites and the army, particularly the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) raised and nurtured Islamic fundamentalism over the years to carry on a proxy war against I ndia. It is not a wonder that Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan stands on much firmer foundations as compared to Bangladesh.

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