Wednesday, October 30, 2019

21st century medication treatments. and 1960's medication treatments Research Paper

21st century medication treatments. and 1960's medication treatments - Research Paper Example has remained the same throughout the years, the ways of providing such treatment have changed, with the development of more efficient ways and medication to do so. Some diseases, which were previously thought to be untreatable, can now  be  more easily treated  than  before, and these include some mental disorders. In this paper, there shall be a comparison of the way treatments were done in the 1960s and how they are handled in the contemporary period. Among the areas to be discussed, include the medication that is given to patients, therapies, the various types of surgeries, and several minor treatments. In the twenty first century, there are medications for almost every medical condition, which is known to medical practitioners. These medications are based on a long period of research, and most have been proven to work extremely efficiently. Many of these medications have been designed to treat ailments and are continuously being improved to achieve the best result. However, most of the medications that are used in the twenty first century are dedicated to medical conditions, which are currently prevalent, and rarely are medications developed to deal with diseases that are thought to have been eradicated. This is highly risky because it enables such diseases as smallpox, which was thought to have been eradicated, to form new strains, which would be virtually untreatable using modern medicine. Despite this, it can still be said that contemporary medications have exceedingly improved the lives of people, and it has enabled people to lead normal lives despite some severe conditions wh ich they might have (Hitron 243). Medications in the 1960s were not advanced, as those used in the twenty first century, because  the technology used for their development was not advanced. However, it is during this period that research on various medical conditions began to be conducted so that cures could be found. It can be said that the medications used in the 1960s were still in

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