Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Learning Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Learning Journal - Essay Example In order to fully achieve inclusiveness, most companies have been encouraged to adopt policies that reflect affirmative action and those that are in line with anti discrimination laws and regulations. The companies should also have various practices that embody different approaches to managing diversity dimension. Various studies I came across in human resource have focused on the question of diversity management and how firms can incorporate policies to ensure a more diverse workforce and how this will benefit the organizations. A common understanding is that managing diversity in the workforce can help an organization become more innovative and adaptable to the ever changing business environment as well as helping the organizations meet their performance objectives (Verspaandonk, Holand & Horne, 2010). I found out that in some jurisdictions, the issue of workforce diversity has been backed with a legal foundation. Companies are expected to comply with set out legislations concernin g employment procedures so as to avoid discrimination. In some cases, it’s mandatory for organizations to have guidelines and policies to ensure inclusiveness in terms of gender, race and disability (Dickens, 2000). The other relevant fact I came across in my study is that in order to achieve equality in employment, organizations have to take in to account both affirmative action and anti discrimination legislation as well as other approaches to managing diversity dimension. Affirmative action refers to the various policies that are used to ensure inclusiveness in areas of business, education and employment in terms of race, religion, sex or age. Diversity in the workforce refers to the policies and practices that aim at including people with certain qualities in the workforce, which the current staff does not have. This could either be on the basis of age, disability, experience, gender or special talents. In our country Australia, the idea of workforce diversity has been we lcomed by organizations both in the public and private sector (Strachan et al, 2010). Our Department of Immigration and Citizenship has been at the forefront at ensuring diversity at all levels of the department. This has enabled the department to be among the best performers in the public sector (Strachan et al, 2010). Diversity involves a wide range of issues in an organization. These issues are both internal and external to the organization but influence to a large extent the business operations (Dickens, L. 2000). Among the issues that affect diversity dimension in an organization include the organizational culture, ethnicity, religion and political power, disability, sexual and gender issues employee representation among others (Verspaandonk, Holand & Horne, 2010). In my opinion, in order to effectively manage diversity, businesses have to employ various strategies as well as following guidelines as well as working within the various laws and regulations from the state that aim at ensuring inclusion of marginalized individuals in the workforce. I also understand that diversity management is a key issue in human resource and has been the center of focus in recent studies and research in human resources, especially the business case

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