Friday, July 26, 2019

Business Syno (2) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Syno (2) - Essay Example Furthermore, it helped me to understand and evaluate my research and analytical skills. I came through the understanding that it is not easier to write a case study since it requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter (Academic Writing World, 2011). Case studies are generally non-interventive and empathic. Good case studies are often quite reflective (Stake, 1995). While undergoing the case study assignment, I went through several stages in order to get it done. There are different steps that I followed in order to complete the assignment within a stipulated time period. According to Cranfield Business School, there are three stages for learning the case method. They are ‘individual consideration of the case’, ‘discussion in the learning team’ and ‘discussion in the full class’ (Rosier, 1998). While conducting this case study assignment I had gone through various stages. At first, I read the cases in order to gain an overall understa nding of it. After I viewed the questions it became quite difficult for me to get the answers of the questions asked. Therefore, I thought of reading it once again. After reading it twice I got to understand what the questions exactly meant and how they could be answered. Therefore, I learnt that it is essential to read the case study twice in order to get an idea of what the case wants to reveal. My motto was to keep the reader interested in the situation. I decided to arrange for the information, come at the conclusion and reveal the readers adequate information so that they don’t have to work hard. After reading the case study, I decided to search for the related article that has been written before about my case. After having collected maximum information I was perplexed to certain extent since I didn’t know where to fit those answers. In that case I decided to sort out the relevant ones which would be useful to answer my questions. By doing this I could solve the entire question. While conducting the research work I had gone through multifarious theories. However, all theories could not be taken up for the purpose of solving the case study. Only few theories were taken into account (GTTP, 2011). The diagram below shows the stages of the process of case study Question Two I have planned to have a boundary-less career in the near future. Boundary-less career represents work life in modern organisation placing too less emphasis upon the internal boundaries. This type of careers is disconnected from a single employment setting and is segregated from the conventional organisational career arrangements (GreenHaus & Et. Al., 2009). According to my views if anyone has non assets specific skills, then they can pursue boundary-less careers. These types of skills are generally transferable to all the organisations. It is worth mentioning in this regards that the transferable skills are acquired from the colleges and the universities that can be transfe rred in employment. The transferable skills are problem solving, interpersonal skills, teamwork and general communication (Assiter, 1995). Case study analysis has helped me to integrate various transferable skills such as problem solving skills, self management skills, and communication skills and also understanding multi-cultural differences. The study also helped me to properly manage and inculcate my learning’s into application and also to manage various aspects of study module in writing the solution of

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