Thursday, July 18, 2019

College Sucess Essay

1. Explain three (3) of the tips discussed in Chapter 6 that you should know about using your campus Library for research Three tips discussed in chapter 6 about using your campus library for research are focus on your research question, take a stance, use computerized. 2. Briefly explain the SCC Heuristic. Why is using this heuristic important when using Internet sources for Research? SCC heuristic stand for sourcing, context corroboration it’s a method to help you with online information when you are trying to put a research paper together. It’s very important when using the internet sources for a research paper because it breaks it down three ways one sourcing which tell you a lot about the quality of the information. And it’s best to trust the information an authority field. Second is context the internet an ever changing source of information so there for you need to ask yourself this question what’s the reason for this site, make sure you check to see when it has been last updated even now most web pages tell you the last time it been updated. Always double check third step are corroboration which deals with the level agreement. When you are writing your paper. You should always check out a few sources to help determine the corroboration because most sites will contain some sort of bias. When you think about corroboration it’s the step that pulls the ideas from different sources. 3. Word Wise: Create original sentences for imperative and honing, two Word Wise vocabulary. Sentence one: At the time it was imperative to clear the black plague Sentence two: On the first day of school I spent two hours honing in the mirror 4. Discuss the research of Paul and Elder concerning how being a skilled writer must be a reflective writer Paul and elder concerning how being skilled writer must be a reflective writer b excuse in a way to learn they mention that writing can be a way to test yourself over the info because you need to understand and explain Cleary to audience. And to become a skilled writer Paul and elder mention to learn how to write reflectively they usually carry on inner conversation while they type and they also think how the audience might perceive the idea. And to help the reader get full understanding the issue they ask themselves question like main point stated points supported and explain fully also learning bring home the importance develop the skills of writing well during your college years. Dr Paul and elder also state learning to write wellis a key to learning. 5. Explain the differences between the typical high school writing assignment and the typical college-level Writing assignment. The differences between the typical high school writing assignment ad college level writing assignment because in high school focused on recounting personal experiences like the five paragraph essay or the research paper, In high school the papers generally involve selecting certain topics example civil right movement, should the drinking age be eighteen or twenty-one and mostly likely the information was collected then you summarized the report. In college it is a little different the expectations are much greater then high school. In college you need to provide thesis statement. A thesis statement lest the reader know the main idea of your argument an explains what you had wrote about, 6. Briefly summarize the four main stages of the writing process The four main stage of the writing process. Is one organizing when you gathering resource together that’s when you can start organize your information? There are different ways you can organize ex notes cards, outline form creating map. But find a way that’s works for you. Most importance when it comes to organizing is not always the format but its selecting the key points. Second drafting your first step ways to organizing how you are ready to begin writing your draft. Make sure you have a good thesis statement make sure it is related to an argumt it doesn’t always have to be perfect these notes can including formation make sure it’s to clarify support. The third step is revising check to see you are still focused on key points if you did all the other step your revising should be easier since you are writing to an academic audience you need to check for grammar and error. Since writings not easier for most students make sure you are doing a lot of revising in order to get it right 7. Explain two (2) of the tips discussed in Chapter 6 for working effectively in group projects. The two tips discussed in chapter six for working effectively in group projects. Are set ground rule this is very important because when you usually work in a group there someone that does not do their share of work and the other team member has to do the work and that become stress on the individual on the person so you always have to set ground rules on the first meeting. The second tips that should of work In a group project is to keep in contact keeping in contact can help out a lot you can schedule meeting time and this should help everyone keep in tack of each other 8. Briefly summarize the steps Chapter 6 recommends for creating an individual presentation. Creating an individual presentation you should create individual make sure first thing list all the task involved next should make a time line that help you not to go over your deadline usually in college nine of ten times you are going to have to talk in front of the class so making 3Ãâ€"5 cards can help.

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