Thursday, November 21, 2019

Negotiation and communication skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Negotiation and communication skills - Essay Example This discussion presented a strategizing negotiation on the part of Chris as exemplified by his offer to possibly develop Mark’s involvement in the CI project at Jordan Tectonics. There is also an aspect of planning in the discussion as evident in Chris’ remarks to coordinate with both Vincent and Frank Edwards, who are both keen on the project of broadening the computer base of their company with the mentioned CI project. This is an interesting case presented in a concise manner. The temperamental talent definitely speaks of Mark, Jordan Tectonic’s lead software designer. The problem stems from Mark’s diverse characteristics bordering on genius and hard to manage (temperamental). He possesses an attitude problem but also possesses an exemplary talent needed by the company to work on the required tasks. Further, in the point of view of Chris, the Head for Research and Development, the company could not afford to lose Mark – knowing that their competitors are luring him to join their team. Actually, this case presented facts which provide a good discourse for identifying negotiation and communication skills. However, other than that, I honestly believe that this scenario is also a good material for a case in human behaviour in organizations. The firm would have to decide which to prioritize – depending on their mission and vision statements, as well as their code of discipline – talent or attitude. Further, this case made me reflect on Chris’ remark that the company cannot afford to lose Mark. There are ethical issues involved as well as the concept of indispensability. Is there really such thing as being indispensable? Could Jordan utilize other alternatives like recruiting and training other personnel as software designer to be better equipped and who has a better personality in terms of possessing people-relation skills. If not, should the

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