Saturday, November 23, 2019

Linux can help you

Linux can help you Reasons Linux Can Help You Become a Better Student It’s time for the school calendar year to kick off and may high school and university students around the world certainly have loads of thoughts about what awaits them. The thought of classes’ every day, home works, tests, seminars and so much more. However ease on the worry as we are about to show you ways how Linux can make your study year easy. We do know that apps can be of great assistance and giving us a great school experience.   Have you considered adding an operating system that can make the difference? Most people are stuck with Windows and others are lovers of Mac OS X, well its time you try Linux, and see how great it will improve your learning year. Save Money on a New OS or Laptop Take a look at the market value of recent Window computers and Mac OS, it is clear that it will cost you a few hundred dollars for the windows and for the cheapest Mac you be set back at least a thousand bucks. Linux is free and can help you manage your budget effectively. Linux offers you a fully functional OS for free and there are free many apps that you can add to give you a nice browsing experience. Get a computer, OS, and apps for less amount of money which means you have more money for books and other necessary things required. It’s Easy to Use Linux have been degraded by so many lies and wrong information from people who know nothing about Linux. First they say it’s not user friendly and its all about the command line. In fact, you don’t need to touch the terminal in daily use and I can tell you that most of Linux distributions actually do rival Windows and OS X in visual appeal and friendliness. You can simply install basic software like LibreOffice and enjoy your surfing without any hitch of any kind. The old tales of Linux being a scary OS is in the past and everything have changed in recent years. It’s a common knowledge of the problems Windows pose with the latest being the troubleshooting problems with updates. For students time is very valuable and with Linux you do not have to deal with crazy problems like this. Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills Well like any other OS on your first attempt you definitely will spend some time learning some basic parameters and also availing yourself some basic problem solving techniques. Perfect skills for new students to have! Learning is a very interesting process and always not easy at the very beginning. So, if you looking to dive a little deeper into Linux, you will face some issues at the beginning but it’s ok! Learning about the Linux OS and comparing it to other well know OS out in the market will provide a more grounded base for you and this knowledge can be of great help within the school and outside environment. There are certain questions you will come to find answers to that will set you apart from your peers. Question like what are those folders in Linux Root Directory? Add to Your Geek Credentials Windows provide a wide range of base to cover if you chose to study it but if you want to be a certified geek, then you need to learn Linux. Doesn’t matter, if you are not in a computer related major! Learning about Linux is like visiting the core history of computing. Because you will touch on the branch of Unix which happen to be an earlier version. There is a huge community online that can help you with any information or questions. Learning Linux will open you up to the terminal. You will feel different when you are able to joggle through a bunch of operation using the command line. With some practice, you soon on your way to creating files and folders, installing software, and running system tools all with just a few keystrokes. This knowledge usually do not come in classrooms these days. Customize it to Your Needs No matter what your field of study is Linux is totally customizable to show your needs. So you can have complete control on how Linux looks. Linux offers loads of options for anyone wanting to tweak their OS. You can also create your own distro, burn it to a disc and install. I guess you must have find yourself in a situation where Windows refuse to allow you make some changes to some of its setting this also happens in Mac OS. So Linux definitely is what you need if you want to tweak your operating system to be just a certain way. With Linux your computer becomes a tool for help, with precise settings, software and setup you are sure to be a success. If you do not like one thing about Linux you can change it and then learn a new thing in the process.

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