Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Argument For Legalization of Gay Marriage Essay

Argument For Legalization of Gay Marriage - Essay Example Although most people do not support the legalization of gay marriage, this treatise argues that it ought to be legalized since it is their civil right, which is entirely different from religious beliefs. As the paper unfolds, reasons given by critics on why gay marriage should not be legalized will be counterattacked by supporting arguments. Same-sex couples should be treated equally and allowed full benefits of marriage without being seen as inferior or immoral as they help in adopting children, bringing up open-minded children, contributing financially through taxation, and due to the fact that failing to support them is a direct violation of their human rights. Discussion It is the contention of this treatise that gay marriage should be legalized because of the numerous benefits that come with it. For instance, same-sex marriages help in ensuring that cases of children adoption are heightened. Critics argue that gay marriages promote immorality among children who end up following similar routes (White 241-242). However, this is a baseless and fallacious argument, considering that gay marriage helps in ensuring that homeless children get loving families who can take care of them just like other children coming from straight family backgrounds. Additionally, the choice to be gay is optional and not imposed on anyone. Therefore, alleging that the act promotes immorality as children adopted end up being gay is an irrational argument that should not be put into consideration. It should be noted that gay marriage helps in encouraging solid family values as it leads to an increased number of children adopted. Additionally, most people argue that gay marriages ought not to be legalized since it goes against the moral as well as the definition of marriage. They also allege that it ends up destroying the sanctity of a society and family values. Others go ahead to allege that it is against religious ideologies such as Islam and Catholicism (Andryszwski 33-34). However, this is an equally unfounded point considering that religious and civil marriages are separate institutions. Today, most couples do not require religious leaders to be present in their wedding; therefore, the grounds of law and religion are two separate entities. Furthermore, though religious beliefs are important, it is to be understood that not all people are religious or believe in the doctrines of the church. Therefore, failing to support such groups is a direct violation of their freedom. Though most people strongly believe that children need both parents, the American Psychological Association claims that girls who are raised without the support of their fathers are at high risk of getting involved in sexual activities (American Psychological Association). Additionally, critics often argue that gay households do not offer an appropriate environment for raising children. Again, this is rather a biased, baseless, and irrational observation as studies carried out on children rai sed from same-sex households’ shows that children from such families feel empathetic and open-minded as compared to other children (DeMotier). This is because the quality of family relationships is more crucial among those children than the structure. Additionally, according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, children who are raised by gay families perform just as well as those raised by straight families (Knox and Schacht 263).

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