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Managing Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Managing Change - Essay ExampleWith tack always altering the functionality of organizations, Todnem (2005) proposes the eight step model in an effort to enforce change in the association. According to Todnem (2005), this begins with the creation of a sense of urgency for the need for change in the organization that needs to motivate the employees to heed to the crisis that is innovate in the organization. Change is resultant from a myriad of factors such as proper customer relations, competition with the existing business persons amongst others. After the identification of the change factors, it is the role of the prudence to come up with a team that would see the implementation of the policies put in place. Next in line should be plan of attack up with a vision that underlies the functionality of the change by the employees, and then communication of the vision must be upheld. Todnem (2005) continues to argue that the process sensnot be successful without empowering the employ ees to chasten the obstacles to change. Subsequently, the management must come up with methodologies for exulting the accomplishments so as to motivate the employees towards further changes in the organization. Fin all in ally, the change can only be of public-service corporation through stamping the adopted changes to the culture of the organizations. The example of Wal-Mart can be exposit as a good example of change well accepted in the company. In as much the company faced a kitty of resistance from its employees due to low wages and denial to join the labor union, the management has been making tangible decisions that would see implementation of the companys decisions. The management has seen the inclusion of employees in improving their skills. According to the founder of the company, Mr. Walton, empowered employees are the study change agents in the organization. In this case, the employers endeavoured to train its employees, after that listened to their suggestions that allowed the company implement the set objectives. In this case, the company has managed to deal with to instil in the workers, the slogan that all is possible with the motivation of the employees. The management has also managed to come up with new technology that has seen the employees have an easier time whilst dealing with the pressures in the company. These programs and moves by the management can be credited to the reasons behind the success of the Wal-Mart stores over decades, due to an established organizational culture (Tcherpokov, 2006). References Tcherpokov, M., 2006. The Eight-stage Managing Process of Major Change. A Quality Management Perspective. Pdf. functional at http// Accessed on March 29th 2012. Todnem, R., 2005. Organisational Change Management A Critical Review. Journal of Change Management, Vol. 5, No. 4, 369380. Reflective Journal 2 Week 13 The case of the NHS is another example t hat has led to a study of the need for change in the organizations. In light to the NHS case, a lot of changes have been witnessed. The inclusion of the National Health Service in the quest to reduce the costs of delivery of health services can be described as a fallacy that created a situation whereby the consumer spent a lot of money to access the services. With the government aiming at reducing the costs a lot of individuals have incurred whilst accessing healthcare,

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