Monday, June 17, 2019

Finances Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Finances - Assignment ExampleThis is where the association of budgeting and finances come in as one needs to be able to figure out the needs of the hospital and prioritize them in order starting with what is needed the most going down and use this knowledge together with the budget they have been given to spend to determine the best way to utilize the money that has been handed to themWhat Has Been Your Exposure to Your Organizations fiscal statements? Who In Your Organization Might Provide You with Your Organizations Financial Statements? What Is This Information Used For?The amount of exposure to the presidencys financial statements has by and large occurred from the budgeting and shopping activities that are done for medical supplies when the time for replenishing the available stock arises. During this period, the hospital present us (the nurses) with the amount of money that they are able to support for these activities and using the size of the budget, one is able to determi ne whether the hospitals financial status has improved, remained the same or even dwindled since the last time much(prenominal) an activity took place (Paul, 2008). If a hospital has done well then the size of the budget is more likely to increase while no vary in the budget may mean there is no change in their finances either and so on. There are a itemise of individuals that present the nurses with the financial statements of the organization who include the Program administrators and ward managers during budgeting and the chief financers when a review of the annual expenditure takes place. These statements are used to show the gains and losses that have been incurred during the year as well as budget for the next batch of medical supplies that are needed.The accounting system affects the different parts of the organization as a whole as it deals with the organizations entire financial flow. Firstly, it will affect the speed with which

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