Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Business planning-ECO-CHAIR Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business planning-ECO-CHAIR - Assignment ExampleIn rules of order to pursue this business project a snobbish limited company ordain be launching this product and selling it commercially in the real market in UK. The overall funding will be the ratio of 6733 between the owners and investors. Other than that the business plan also carries important points pertaining to production, marketing, profitability and other competitive advantages. It also takes into beak the various trends on environmental grounds in peoples daily lives. It projects how the Eco-chair can be best utilized and turned into a salaried commercial project.Eco-chair is a novel product whose design has been inspired to adjust to environmental protection. . However, we will provide the ecoboards, which are the original materials, to the manufacturers from our group in order to overcome the outsourced manufacturing weakness of quality control. Therefore, we should pay more attention to our production and require mor e stringently on quality management. According to the market research, we subdue to divide two different ways to sell the product. First of all, the one price for original consumer and other price for sponsors and cooperation companies. The price sales 5.00 per/chair in the market, and 2.50 per/chair for relative companies.Where marketing is concerned, there are a few marketing strategies that were decided in the business plan. For initial funding, we will be spirit out for sponsors and sources of funding from the government to take care of all our outdoor events. In return we will be doing the branding of our sponsors through the Eco-chairs.Moreover, the HP companion or the Wal-Mart could be defined as our main sponsor. For the reason that they always eager to promote image of energy-saving, if we can cooperate with them to use our product in some events or advertisement, assuming that they think the eco-chair will be successful in the future. Although such a profit is perhaps n ot as well(p) as sold

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