Thursday, August 22, 2019

Improving employee selection methods Research Proposal

Improving employee selection methods - Research Proposal Example It also need to intrinsically motivate its employees by offering them better chances of training and development so that their skills can be upgraded and they become more productive. Organizations, in a complex competitive world have to take into consideration different factors which allow them to develop their core competencies. Over the period of time, the strategic role of HRM within the organization, it has became really critical for the organizations to actually look for new ways of improving employee performance and implement processes and systems which can increase the productivity of the employees. The issue of performance therefore is of paramount importance for the organization as a whole in order to ensure that it generates the desired level of performance. (Collins, 2007) One of the problems which organization is currently facing is that its overall employee selection methods are not entirely efficient and often result into high employee turnover. High employee turnover often therefore result into the productivity losses as well as engage organizational resources on potentially unproductive activities of finding right employees for the job. As such it indicates that the HRM has to play significant part in ensuring that the organizations must take into consideration the factors which can be helpful in retaining the employees and ensuring that they remain productive and help achieve the organization its strategic objectives. This internal memo therefore has been prepared with the objective of briefing the management regarding a potential problem and what actions can be taken in order to ensure that the organization continue to achieve its objectives while at the same time ensuring that the employee productivity remain at the desired level along with acceptable level of employee turnover. XYZ Company (You can put the name of your choice) is currently facing high employee

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