Saturday, August 24, 2019

Growing Staff Presentation as Human Resource Management Consultan PowerPoint

Growing Staff as Human Resource Management Consultan - PowerPoint Presentation Example has undertaken for the purpose of making sure that its top management have the right requisite skills that will translate in the production of the required results. This in essence will lead to the achievement of the goals and objectives that have been put in place by the firm. The first among this is the building of skills in the leaders. The dynamic nature of business operations calls for individuals who are in a position to adapt to the various situations that present themselves in the business world. This is not forgetting the Human Resource Issue. For this reason, the individuals should be more adaptive for the purpose of boosting their performance and overall score in the work environment. It is of the essence to note that the organization has various individuals working therein. For this reason, the propositions may not be taken in well by all the parties involved. To some, this may be taken as a way of locking out some individuals, especially those who are not well qualified for certain positions. However, it is of the essence to note that the training, which is undertaken, is for the benefit of all the individuals in the organization when it comes to their general performance. Fashion design is purely artistic and as such, it is the designer and the assistants who determine how far a brand goes. Nonetheless, technology has changed all fronts of our daily lives dramatically; adding innovativeness to what we have always done hence easing our daily loads. The current workforce of Michael Kors Fashion House is large. With 372 workers for a company of its size, it is a record. The large workforce’s output is limited in comparison with what they should be producing. The gap between the workers and the target output is in their inconsistency due to poor work ethics and lack of adaptation of technology. If the company can invest in its workers, it sure will invest in its future. The possibility of the company producing double the much it does today in the

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