Monday, March 9, 2020

Internationel Communication essays

Internationel Communication essays Culture shaping our values, priorities and practises influence the communication in a significant way.Since people communicate in different ways because they are raised in a particular culture , the impact of culture would be the first to examine.The ways to enhance the effectiveness of intercultural communication should be highlighted. Intercultural communication which arises from the interaction of different cultures can occur in many fields in life. Regarding social life, which problems intercultural communicatio brings to our lives and what contributes to our socio-culture structure are critical aspects to investigate. Interculturel issues gain much more importance in business, as companies become increasingly dependent on other companies from different cultures. In education life also yhe importance of communication among various cultures cant be ignored. In this report; the importance of communicatig interculturally , the concept of culture , international marriages, immigrants, cultural differences in work-related values , cultural variables in the business communication process , exchange students , foreign teachers, obstacles against intercultural communication and the affective ways to communicate interculturally were discussed. Since the number of from different cultures that we is limited, there was no opportunity for us to conduct a survey. Instead we supplemented our report with in-depth interwiews. As the world becomes a global village communicating with people from different cultures has become a daily necessity.Increasing technological advances and a widening market place are the most evidences for our assumption of an increasing intercultural dependency. We utilized both secondary and primary data collection methods.For secondary dta collection we used library sources and for primary data collection we cond ...

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