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Essay about Nokia Research - 1242 Words

ASSIGNMENT -1 Name – Sunita Uikey Roll No - 155 MIM Subject - Research Methodology Exercise 1: Make up 3 different situations in which motivation to work would be an independent variable, moderating variable and dependent variable. Solution - Dependent Variable - A manager observes that motivation to work among the Employees is increased if he increases their working environment, Salary and perks. Independent variable- Performance of employees increased if they are motivated. Moderating Variable- For employees having second source of income/salary, the motivation may or may be a driving factor Intervening Variable- Employees perform better if they are provided with good working conditions, better pay i.e.†¦show more content†¦The article that he read on job performance frequently mentioned four variables as important to job performance; skills required for the job, rewards, motivation and satisfaction. In several of the articles it was also indicated that only if the reward were valiant (attractive) to the recipients did motivation, satisfaction, and job performance increase not otherwise. Given the above situation, do the following: 1) Define the problem. 2) Evolve a theoretical framework. 3) Develop at least 6 hypotheses. Solution : Problem statement: How can the job performance (output) of the employees be increased through enriched jobs and rewards? Dependent Variable (DV): Job performance of employees Independent Variable (IV): Skills required for the job, rewards. Moderating Variable (MV): Attractiveness of the rewards Intervening Variable (IVV): motivation and satisfaction Fig:- Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV) Motivation, Satisfaction (IVV) Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV) Job Performance or Low output of employees (DV) Skills, Rewards (IV) Skills, Rewards (IV) Attractive Rewards (MV) Attractive Rewards (MV) Hypothesis: 1) Employee job performance will increase or decrease if they are given attractive rewards. [Relational hypothesis](IV effecting DV positively or negatively). 2) Job skills and Rewards will improve the job performance and output of the employee. [Causal hypothesis]. (change in IVShow MoreRelatedMarketing Research on Nokia12922 Words   |  52 PagesStudy 2. Introduction 2.1 Nokia 2.1.1Nokia Vision/Mission Statement 2.1.2 About the Company 2.1.3History of Nokia 2.1.4Company Profile 2.1.5SWOT Analysis 2.2Introduction to Marketing 2.3Market Segmentation 2.3.1Considerations for Market Segmentation 2.3.2Segmentation Basis 2.3.3Effective Segmentation 2.4Market Segmentation for Nokia 2.4.1Segmentation of Nokia 2.4.2Nokia mobile phones by Series 2.4.3Lifestyle and Psychographic Basis for Nokia 2.4.4The Segmentation of Nokia conducted on the basis ofRead MoreThe Decision Of Microsoft Discontinuing The Nokia Brand1464 Words   |  6 Pagestelecommunication value chain and Nokia, who required an ally of strong financial capability. Six month later, Microsoft decided to move away from the Nokia brand - switching the name of smartphones from â€Å"Nokia Lumia† to â€Å"Microsoft Lumia† while still using ‘Nokia’ for low-end basic phone (T, 2014). This report will investigate the decision of Microsoft discontinuing the Nokia brand through analyzing Nokia’s management issues, brand equity, brand resonance mainly. Literature review Nokia was extremely popularRead MoreRecommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800 of Nokia Mobile Company’1429 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Studies Assessment Event 3 Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Service ‘Lumia’ 800 of NOKIA Mobile Company’ Student: Zhou Siyan ‘Effie’ ID number: ZMSC22222 Tutorï ¼Å¡ Maqui Due Dateï ¼Å¡ November 19, 2012 Date submitted: November 19, 2012 Word Count: 1249 words Table of Contents Executive Summary 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Research Methodology 3.0 Research Findings 4.0 Discussion 5.0 Conclusion and recommendations Reference List ExecutiveRead MoreNoki A Finnish Multinational Communication And Information Technology Company Essay1489 Words   |  6 Pages INTRODUCTION Nokia is a finnish multinational communication and information technology company, founded in 1865. Nokia is headquartered in Espoo, Usimaa in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2014, Nokia employed 61,656 people across 120 countries, did business in more than 150 countriesand reported annual revenues of around â‚ ¬12.73billion. The company has had various industries in its 151-year history. Originally founded as a pulp mill ,and current focuses on large-scaleRead MoreA Short Note On The Social Media Marketing Essay1186 Words   |  5 Pagesan amazing opportunity to connect directly with the customers. Nokia is a Finland- based company. They come into the field of telecommunication industry 1960. Since then, Nokia has grabbed their exclusive place as a market leader. Their incessant effort to grab their place in innovation and technology has helped them to attract customers like a magnet. Nokia motto is to connect people and exploring ways to enhance communication. Nokia s Social Media Communications team was established in early 2008Read MoreMarketing Strategy for Nokia India1732 Words   |  7 PagesNokia PRODUCT:- The product is the centre of the marketing mix and the other three P s are based around it. Consumers purchase goods and services for a variety of individual reasons and a company must be aware of all of these when selling a product (that is why they conduct market research). Nokia does exactly the same and comes up with innovative phones almost every six months. The new phones that Nokia launches have some new feature or price difference, thus appealing to the consumer. SometimesRead MoreTBS 920 International Business Strategy :Nokia India Country Strategy1498 Words   |  6 PagesMarketing Strategy of Nokia in India SWOT PESTEL analysis Recommendations References 2 Company profile †¢ Formed in 1865 by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam in a village named Nokia in Southwestern Finland †¢ First business was in wood pulp mill †¢ In 1920, Finnish Rubber Works was acquired by Nokia †¢ 1922, Finnish cable works merged in Nokia and Nokia was know as footwear (galoshes) and tyres, went on to manufacture rubber bands, industrial parts and raincoats. †¢ Nokia Ab, Finnish CableRead MoreWada1669 Words   |  7 Pagesrequires some definition of leadership that may create actions within an organization. These actions could likely effect the organizations meaning, cultural positioning, or even the existence of the business itself. (Sheffield, 2011) Samsung and Nokia faced several pressures, internal and external due to a continuous growth of the technology market. Those will be analyzed in this paper. DRIVERS OF CHANGE: 1. External Factor: It includes competition, external market situation, global economyRead MoreEssay on Samsung 5forces1418 Words   |  6 Pagesmobile phone. Abstract This essay analyses the Samsung Mobile company by applying Porters Five forces. Also each factor will be compared with Apple and Nokia which are competitive companies in the mobile industry and the strength of Samsungs strategic position will be demonstrated. Introduction Samsung Electronics, Apple and Nokia are the competitive mobile companies. To compare each companys strategic position Samsung was chosen. Although many components are needed to make mobile phones;Read MoreInternational Business- How Nokia Seeks Global Business Advantage Through Spulber’s, (2007) ‘Star Analysis’ and Any Other Relevant Theory.1574 Words   |  7 PagesInternational Business- How Nokia seeks Global business advantage through Spulber’s, (2007) ‘Star Analysis’ and any other relevant theory. Mobile phone giant Nokia, a multinational corporation based in Espoo, Finland and is currently the world’s largest manufacturer boasting a market share of 31% worldwide (, 2011). Despite Nokia being regarded amongst the most successful and economically dependent brand within Finland, it was the corporation’s Global strategy that would lead

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